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Electronic Dog Fences FAQUpdated a year ago

What is an Electronic Dog Fence?

An Electronic Dog Fence or an E-Fence is an underground system which works simultaneously with a collar/receiver worn by your dog. It is not an ‘electric fence’. Simply follow the instructions by carefully installing your fence at the boundary of your property/desired area and place the flags to mark its whereabouts. 


Once your e-fence is installed properly it will work with the receiver and collar to alert your dog when the fence edge is near or they are attempting to cross. Each fence design is different regarding its collar output however this can range from, sound, vibration to shock. E-fences are safe to use to keep your dogs both in and out. 

What Can I Use an E-Fence For?

An e-fence can be used to both keep your dog in or out. It can be a simple boundary in your front garden to protect your dog from passing traffic. Or it can be a reminder for your dog to not enter your neighbour's backyard or to ensure your dog doesn't get into your flower or vegetable garden.


If you live on a large property, farm area or beach block, it's a great way to have peace of mind your dog will not go wandering around potentially dangerous areas. 

Are E-Fences Safe For Both my Dog & Home?  



Like all electrical products please read the instructions carefully and do not skip any steps or safety precautions. The collar/receiver within these fence kits is very similar to those used within bark control products.


They are extremely safe to use and come with extensive user instructions. At eDog, we aim to take the 'sometimes stigma' our of electronic training devices and assure we only offer the highest quality worldwide.

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